Saturday, June 24, 2017

Introducing our Orchard Patrol

About a month ago, my lovely husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. "Goslings," I replied.

"How many?"

So now we are the proud stewards of 6 American Buff goslings.

They are very cute creatures- they follow me around the yard and chatter happily when I talk to them.

They have an important job- they will help keep our orchard mowed down as well as being our official slug eaters. They are excellent alarms, and will operate as 24/7 orchard patrol.

But for now, they are having a quiet, coddled goslinghood.

And aren't they the cutest during golden hour? So fuzzy.

I worry that this one has developed a taste for jeans, and will no longer function as a lawnmower.

This goose loves my tractor, but is warning me that the Aflac duck may complain about the lack of a roll-over bar.

Friday, June 2, 2017

First Lambs!

Our very first lambs were born on Gnomeland Farm!

A few months ago (er.. about 142 days ago..) our gorgeous ram from Dancing Waters Farm, found a weak spot in our new field fence. He was only out in the ewe pasture for 20 minutes, as I had just left the field minutes before looking outside and seeing that he had escaped.

Tina presented us this morning with two very cute ram lambs. Good job, Tina!

Tina is a little overwhelmed right now with nursing (it comes with the territory if you think you're human and you give birth to sheep..) so we're supplementing the lambs until she gets her bearings. She has been cleaning them and cuddling with them, so we know she's got it in her to be a good mum. Wish us luck!